Providing Smart Solutions

PV Installation

As a company we understand the crucial importance of providing a high standard of service to our client in the installation of both rooftop and ground mounted PV.

Our consultancy services can be utilised by the client in each and every aspect of a PV project. We can demonstrate that we have the following:

  • A strong competence in all the technical aspects of the PV technology
  • A very high level of reliability on deadlines and quality of the end products
  • A unique client orientated approach
  • We have format qualified project managers who can quickly transfer this know-how to sites across Australia
  • A high level of creativity in developing new services and new patents which can make the difference for the partner company

The latter point has been pivotal to our success in Italy.  Due to the diverse terrain of Italy we have particular bespoke constraints to adhere to given by our civic planning department. In addition we have specific challenges in Italy due to the sheer number of archeologically sensitive structures below ground. Conventional piling techniques are simply not possible in these sensitive areas so we have developed different systems of installation, mostly without the utilisation of concrete at the base.

We have pioneered a method of installation called vibro-fusion which can be described as a type of vibration piling. This method whilst providing the same structural strength as concrete has eliminated its use which in itself represents a significant financial saving. Our method has been used to build the biggest PV plant in Europe called the Montalto di Casto, an 80 MWP plant.

Case Study – Controguerra

This shows an example of where we had to use our vibro-fusion vibration piling technique. In Italy many smaller PV plants are built on undulating hills. Here there is a strict planning requirement not to use concrete at the base. In addition under Italian Law the land must be returned to its ‘natural state’ within 25 years. Our methods have been designed to facilitate these important aspects.

An addition benefit of using this method has permitted the company to triple daily production and avoid the standard utilisation of concrete resulting in a drastic reduction in installation costs.



Case Study – Tolentino PV Park (Client Sunpower)

This was a conventional PV project using concrete piling. The challenge here was to complete the project under severe time constraints given by our client.

This constraint led us to identify where efficiency improvements could be made in all aspects of the process. We have a lot of experience in this type of work and we are able to overcome a range of problems and streamline efficiency. We identified that the weld type could be changed for a better electrode. This resulted in a stronger weld and it was also 50% quicker to weld which resulted in many man-hours saved.

In addition we believed that the panel teams worked inefficiently so we coordinated them with our system of organisation and increased their efficiency by an estimated 40%. The 5MW power plant was completed in 40 days.

Since this time we have produced a further 5 power plants for Sunpower. They have applied some of our methods to their Sunseeker ‘T-zero’ model around the world, which has resulted in huge efficiency & financial savings for that company.



Case Study – San Severino (Rooftop Installation)

Conventional rooftop installation usually includes drilling the panels into the rooftop of the building. This can cause problems with rainwater intrusion.

A simple yet effective modification we have made to this process is to use carefully designed concrete structures below the panels.