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About Us

Fabri Australia Pty Ltd is a technical consultancy based in Brisbane. We bring the very best renewable energy consultancy services from Italy and Europe into the Australian Market. The company specialises in the provision of:


Technical Advisory and Engineering Services for the Renewable Energy sector

- Clients include: Banks, Investors, Industrial customers, Energy suppliers, Public entities, Developers and EPC contractors.

- Our principle partner, Moroni & Partners ( is accredited by the World Bank and has over 1 GW of experience.

It has recently been voted:

Technical Advisory Firm of the Year 2014

Best Renewable Energy Advisory Firm 2014 (Italy)

Energy Sector Focused Advisory Firm of the Year 2014 (Italy).


Solar resource data gathering, analysis and forecasting / Site assessment / Techno-economic feasibility studies / Project modeling and optimised plant / Basic plant design / Power plant business model evaluations and financial modelling / Annual energy production calculations / O&M optimization.

 - Our principle partner, Sun To Market Solutions is one of World’s leaders in the technical consulting for PV, concentrated solar CPV and CSP, weather station technology, data simulation and provides services that are essential to operate and design remote both off grid locations and smart grid solutions. It has over 2 GW of experience.


Consulting for Aged Care organisations and Retirement Villages

- Our principle partner, The University of Genoa (Italy) is Europe’s leading expert in the provision of research for aged care solutions. The scope of this service is lengthy because the subject matter is very complex due to the spectrum of specific disabilities and aged care challenges faced not only in Australia but across the globe.

In brief:

- Tailored architectural design and furniture design solutions

- Bespoke solutions using proven methods and the most up-to-date European research

- Specific emphasis on the attractive design, social inclusion and safety of Retirement Villages

- Tried and tested home automation technologies

- Energy Efficiency design services


Sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world

- The existing collaborative structure between Fabri Australia, Italian Universities, Design studios and the leading renewable energy consultancy firms representing the true ‘excellence’ of both Italy and Spain permit us to offer Australian entities a range of innovative solutions in a flexible structure that can be adapted quickly to changing market demands.

Fabri Australia Pty Ltd aspires to become a "Fast Bridge" to technological solutions and introduce both specialist expertise and innovation into the Australian market.